Crab Nebula

by Noah23 & Madadam

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Classic lost album produced entirely by Guelph DJ, producer and drummer (Gregory Pepper and his Problems), MADADAM. Features a hidden remix.


released July 7, 2007



all rights reserved




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Track Name: Obsidian Liquid
lesson number one, never guffaw when I talk at ya
I bring a joyful noise like Sun Ra's Arkestra
bark at the moon appearing at twilight
cartoon featurette, a tear in my minds eye
a spherical timeline, the abyss of hyperspace
with a twist of lime, trying to kiss the vipers face
operation mindfuck cybergnosis
rise up (what) God is my co-pilot
Fuzzy Logic alchemical
chrysanthemum omnidirectional
stand corrected, beginning of the end
earth medicine, an interesting specimen

so let me rock this, collective unconcious
gemini heartless, wet and dry garbage
ten times farther into the void
ten times harder, build and destroy
fusion reactor its the super rapper
move back to get a good view of the disaster
where you at?
dream love drifter spider dollie mixture
midnight runner its the number cruncher
Frita Khalo phantom limb Hank Williams
Aeides Vexan, I aims to kills em
Paisley Imperial stay crazy chillin
pay bills and keep my brain to the ceilin
Train Rawber villain representing Guelph Ontario
I park a car on your grave like the Baker Street burial
shake feet to stereo, there we go again
blowin through the joint just like a solar wind

only the Lord knows what is soon to come
monsoon clouds surround the one with two tongues
its a fork in the road to nowhere fast
zodiactual facts, sociopath raps
I know em like the back of the hand that I use to slap
wack cats for tryin to act like they not using crack
proving that I got what it takes, I'm on the up and up
cruising round through outerspace like on the Hubble Bunk
telescope hella dope anecdotal Chernobyl
prototypical never, I'm letting it go forever
Noah23 bound for glory
straight schoolin heads like Waldorf and Montesori

trachyea tachyeon halcyon alchemy
23 tacoma hellfarm tragedy
cranial sacral radio plasma
sketch pad spellcaster, strange attractor
Ganymede takeover, ambrosia
run through with these crazy horses
from ice island you die trying event horizon
psilocybin, I like rhymin
timing is what you gotta be good with
I'm coming out with a new line of bodily fluids
Obsidian Liquid 23 shifted
MadAdaM on the beats you know its always wicked
Obsidian Liquid 23 shifted
MadAdaM on the beats you know its always wicked
Track Name: Fathom
you cant fathom this

I'm chillin with Ray Bradbury at the Haight & Ashbury
hypothesizing the origin of caramel up in the Cadbury
its a sad story, aint it a pity
its kinda hard being a saint in the city
I paint the town red, astounding off the head
the sound of pitter patter, translinguistic matter
see the afterglow? the status quo has to go
rap with mad flow at the show, yagga yo
never bored in the cut, kundalini caduceus
bizarre alien artifact, galactic turbulence
celebrating decadence at the head of the class
steadfast, when I blast, you're dead last
you get pimp slapped by the pimpbot
for over analyzing Hip Hop
thats like trying to spell the name of God
insane God, I hijack your train of thought
you plain forgot, you cant say Taoism
its plain yogurt man, and that goes without saying
down in the basement the rap honeycomb...

you cant fathom this

we got power hungry war mongers drowning in oil
from the four corners and they're tryin destroy you
noise pollution, android revolution
liquid aluminum and paranoid delusions
I say that nothing is useless
cuz one mans garbage is another mans mondex
my thoughts just arent what they used to be
but I still rock and clock in with the super speed
droppin it from a perspective
that you've never seen in your life and I'm hyper than ever
the river of ether that filters the weather
will demolish empirical demons forever
primordial green feather
beautifully colored miracle
spirit botanical, mimicking the chemicals
Noah23 straight spit it original with the MadAdaM
the styles you cant fathom
whats happenin? its the Captain Clark Nanobot
I rep with the fractal Mandelbrot
triceretops dinosaur grabbin a mic cord
Bourgeois Cyborg for life Lord
Track Name: The Power Of Suggestion
Hip Hop will eat itself
I'm a symbiot reppin in the city of Guelph
Dementia Praecox, its the Twiz Thrizzy
off the hizzy like Gary Busey, everybody get busy
crystal cromag carbohydrate
still driving down that lost highway
staying hungry as I hit you in the funny bone
godhead omlet yo, there aint nobody home
its the return of the sacred albino buffalo
burning and blazing, pyromania
Brando in the sunSeth, cassanova klondike
bardo pondscum bunning up the Walter Chronikite
utopian oracle discordian scorceror
altering the patterns of destiny up in the corridor
wheel of fortune fortell the future
you stupid humans cant even spell computer
event horus-sun astral plane
mushroom cloud guess whos back again
its the media prank biofeedback biodiversity
on the outskirts of potentiality

there aint no question
alumni and brethran
my old trusty weapon
is a tongue full of venom
a sunrise in heaven
dub tribe rebellion
reppin this steadily
the power of suggestion

tommahawk baraka, annunaki quantum leap
dharma body heart chakra astonishing
stompin the thought police
with a bottle of oxygen and a rocket from the crypt
aerodynamic like the four winds of the apocalypse
I place the sun in a crokano middle
and wake the one with a comatose temple
dry the wings of a syntax neutron
starry eyed meek shall inherit (so stay strong)
everything has a dream like quality to it
I try to speak right and always honor the music
confusion is sex confusion is sex

there aint no question
alumni and brethran
my old trusty weapon
is a tongue full of venom
a sunrise in heaven
dub tribe rebellion
reppin this steadily
the power of suggestion
Track Name: Coffee & Cigarettes
coffee & cigarettes, god part of the brain
broke lines and ink scissors its all part of the game
coffee & cigarettes, omni-simultaneous
we big big big building builders
eternally self referential as seen in the works of nature
a tree reincarnated as a sky scraper
tiamat jihad is just my way of saying
that I'm striving for god on earth for what its worth
the first shall be last, the last shall be first
the burst' ll be blast and the blast'll be burst
nurturing inertia, I put a curse on the prince
searching for that which I've missed until convinced
pinch me I'm dreaming
picture this viscious fish miracle birth vehicle leaning
tertiary split residual
theoretically impossible omnidirectional model
grandfather clock fuzzy logic with a jellyfish fossil

coffee & cigarettes

the sounds of the summer are louder than thunder
I found my number

23 rippin the track, the realest in rhyme
I triple the ripple in time
sitting and chilling and building and
drinking a beer with a twist of lime
get in line
I'm fitting to get mine
but realize that we're all intertwined
this is the aquarius god cypher divine
yo sun, this fresh product is unlimited
scorpion cryptogram as I'm spittin it
dancing in circles we find our essence is infinite
listening to the lyrics as I'm spittin it
sand storm cranberry cherry beach
apple to the pear to the plum to the peach
getting crunk in this cartoon world
where emcees are stepford
erase your head forever stamped with a dead word
makeshift snakeskin atheist
yo I ate yall for breakfast ages ago check this
Track Name: Nebula
I'm goin off, bouncing off the walls
leave me down below the stars
balancing the magnetic pole
try to practice letting go
I'll let you know with the zen antennae chain reaction
prana yama indica strain relaxin
Captain Clark captain crunch the number circumference
monkey wrench love sick
butterfly stomper dub trible alumni
this is what it sounds like when the doves cry
lunatic land rover lazily burn dro
when the goin gets weird the weird turn pro
thirteen full circle gaurdian angel
anti gravity oxygen tank star spangled
danglin babies crazy with blanket statements
amazing grace Paisley Imperial Plague Language
premium dream sequence paramecium
meme war museum
we came to kill the beast in em ever since
the precambrian coliander collinder
I stand taller on the amps and bass monitor
negative integer crystal skull umbrella
artificial thought pusher, what else can I tell ya
you're listening to the sounds of the 23rd Elder
delta wing Guelph Oracle interstellar

satellite dish birdfish ishtar
situationist perplexing jigsaw
sonic architexture super scientifical
no such thing as twins, dual pivotal
folding dusted wings, too predictable
golden rusted rings, true miracle
view master cadillac gasoline baptism
salvia divinorum flashback algorythm
prism spectum analytical thinking
spinning out of control
spinning out of control
spinning out of control
spinning out of control
Track Name: Indigo Mountain Vapour
straight from ice island its the crystal cave carver
twisted Train Rawber water bearer heavenly father
the underground skyhawk, elemental symbology
symbiot umbilical reaching up for the harmony
looking glass periphereal view
23 skidoo spitting it true, sick as the flu
the glass roof glass bottom hourglass sourface
power house after thought isolated showers raining down
on deliberate celebration dancing on eggshells
wellwishing citizens get twisted like pretzels
forever in a day, there aint much more to say
I feel it in a weird sort of way
Salvador Dali Lama salvia divinorum
my brain is collosal so I'm askin whats up now partner?
got a lotta love for Hip Hop (and it dont stop)
its the whole concept (bring that shit)
get you open like a lotus, the deity wrathful
bashful, machinery axel, flee the fiasco
eating an apple fig newton (fig what?)
a figment of your imagination and your still persuing my last statement
ancient luxurious, aquarius pharoah
you can call me nerd rap the day I do a track with Pharell
my fever scarlet, godhead omlet, so be a part of this
retarded cognitive thought process, we rocking it

yes yes yall and ya dont stop
we got the MadAdaM makin the beats hot
yes yes yall and ya dont quit
we got the Noah23 and he's gon spit
yes yes yall and ya dont stop
we got the MadAdaM keepin the beats on lock
yes yes yall and ya cant quit
its the Noah23 Crab Nebula ultimate

the name is Noah Raymond Brickley
born and raised a hippy so sometimes I dont aim so quickly
strictly stickin to the sick synchronicity
building brick by brick until infinity
mid Natchez poised serenity
kid I spit classic enjoy the recipe
the noise is heavenly, entropy circuit breaker
zeta reticuli, indigo mountain vapor
Track Name: Sirius B-Boy
yo I'm a sonic youth singing the mitochonrial blues
hypontenuse diabolical watching cartoons
sharp as harpoon Nommos Gilgamesh pitchfork
Hellspawn Fairfax Ragnarok Kilgore
conch shell infinity, supreme lotus deity
flea circus biofeedbackloopers, deep space machinery
fusion anomaly, Pan Ku Annunaki
microchip off the old block party
the harder they come the harder they fall
I drop more flows than Niagra Falls
off the wall, Andy Warhol candy car
Crab Nebula rap predator Vingt et Twois
Quicksand Carl Jung Kerouac Dharma Bum
I'm a crazy motherfucker like the brothers of Robert Crumb
chop your tongue off and mail it down to hell
cuz I woke up on the wrong side of the bed of nails

dogday afternoon Sirius B star system (Sirius B-Boy)
logorhythm moonshine ballistic

PL high detail, chillin with fly females
lazy, I never reply to an email
Inanonimity Ville with the meal ticket
food strike picket line, aint no rest for the wicked
morning star aurora borealis
wiping our ass with the boreal forest
taurus balancing scorpio
avalanche audio, catapult cargo
heart throb lucky charm outta harms way
my lexicon vex miniscus and yall are concave

dogday afternoon Sirius B star system
logorhythm moonshine ballistic
Track Name: Tilted
take it away, breakin it down, shaping the sound
makin it up, up in the cut, painting the town
letting it go, holding it in, holding a pen
ready to blow, blow with the wind, whos flowing again?
the z-z-zen master lens crafter bend backwards
and fracture emcees that are premanufactured
the Captain Clark after dark Tropic of Cancer
hunchback vs soldier, whos got the answer?
doppelganger evil twin, disciplinarianed Aquarian
carrying various amunition
transmission spectrum analyzer
analyze the digital guiser, the handsomest tarantula spider
Twiz Thrizzy off the hizzy, still givin a mile
primordial mosquito deisel to the westnile
I keep the textile pattern kilopascal
its the Captain Clark baby, I been rappin a while
crackin a smile when I hear half of what I do
they lackin the style and cant fuck with 23 skidoo
I'm sippin a brew, mix residue
get revenue or end up with hell to do, yo I'm tellin you

sailing on sunshine, drifting on moonlight

spastic axis tilt, Natchez and back to Guelph
stackin the wax upon the shelf
stealth bomb Hellspawn Fairfax
cant cant relax cant relax cant cant
camel walrus dolphin blue jay upside down
inside out, blessed mess, you got no more time outs
double meaning, fucked up by the feeling
of hitting the ground, meanwhile I'm touching the ceiling
peeling back the layers of a sonic onion
feeding back the data within the condrium
mother tongue Kali Yuga skeleton necklace
Ozric Tentacles, champion's breakfast
electric jellyfish, critical eye
killing the time by getting high
chilling, building and getting my shine on
electromagnet chaos magic trajectory
jet black jaguar, viper and centipede

sailing on sunshine, drifting on moonlight