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Track Name: Time to Pretend (MGMT)
trans utopian metamorph masters
grand esquisite with old school ghetto blasters
and i bend backwards with the mental yoga
the deep concentration lets me step over
i get over head and shoulders red rover
super nova express sensai of the culture
i send a death beam particle wave
straight into your face like a microwave
behave like a newborn baby ballin
cant stop the dream destiny is callin
and i've fallen but once more will rise
the midnight sun shining bright in my eyes
spy vs spy hypodermic needlework
i met mother nature and i looked up her skirt
earth bound heaven sent verbal paradox
wearing a pair of different colored socks

its hard to be a musician but i really dont care
i careen through the air creating a new career
constantly reborn inside a tornado
the word became flesh born again black halo
cats cradle galileo galilei
its not about a salary its virtual reality
its 23 aka the number cruncher
name and number cluster fuck the adbuster
blockbuster cause i'm making a movie
i'm bruce lee more high than ganja sufi
and i'm groovy with these hippie chicks in the mix
dixie cup fulla that secret shit
its hip to be square
everybody just throw your hands in the air
and dont forget
all the ugly people in the club be quiet
Track Name: Listen (Cat Power)
i feel like its all predetermined and there isnt any choice
i'm kinda hard of hearing but i hear the inner voice
and yo i talk a lotta shit but i'm a really great listener
deep in the horses mouth there is a whisper
silvercreek cold street
bricks and boulders, hoodie over the shoulder
like the head of a cobra, blazin this doja
its noah23, thought i told ya
my flow go brah, dolo mitochondria
frozen snow the lonely wanderer (listen)
and the philosophy of pure freedom
audiomancy banging in your eardrum
only so many songs can be sung
with two lips two lungs and one tongue
the sound of silence, music of the spheres
it goes in one ear and out the other
make ya go tone def like a hand grenade
an old man wearing a hearing aid
listening party yo its all happenin
its the sound of one hand clappin
music is oxygen, i shatter 12 notes
watch the sound float with the synchromusicology
if a tree falls in the forest
will anybody hear it
i feel like its all predetermined and there isnt any choice
i'm kinda hard of hearing but i hear the inner voice
and yo i talk a lotta shit but i'm a really great listener
deep in the horses mouth there is a whisper
Track Name: Ego Tripping (Flaming Lips)
a floating eyeball, all eye seeing retina
three dimensional syntax out the crab nebula
the emperor has no clothes, holy roses
a plague on your houses, tuberculosis
i come the closest and i go the furthest
turn it out like kopernicus and straight merc this
like mercury i am a messenger
instant karma, open up the register
just like regis thats the final answer
neuromancer, hold me closer tiny dancer
elton john stunner shades got that swag
rag time bag pipe jet lag swag
big twiz thrizzy getting busy when i spazz
coffee cigarettes, electric jazz
dag, taz, temporary autonomous
lobotomize philosophy and drop the eponymous what

the world already ended, 2012 is a mindstate
tomorrow is a mystery like going on a blind date
with a weird girl that you've never ever met
its not a threat its a promise and better yet
i'm not a betting man i'm too honest
born in february bit i be hotter than august
cracking shit like an omlette it be the godhead
primordial my pen spits out hot lead
i'm warning yall walking dead, 85ers and zombies
get a brainwash like they going out with the laundry
toxicology laboratory steady do research
i walk the world and walki it out until my feet hurt
mental rebirth cerebellum stimulator
in simulator pixelated defibulator
its a good indicator of the novelty climax
properly droppin these dope raps over the hi hats
Track Name: Cosmia (Joanna Newsom)
we got that disinformation in a vicious cycle
convex miniscus, i made another typo
go viral, eye of the tiger
rising up to the challenge of a rival
i switch letters to link later
snakes and ladders
scanner darkly waking life
i'm a dazed and confused slacker
with the vernacular of the day
and i dont even know what the fuck i'm trying to say
i just play with language
the plague language
happy medium bout to send out the message
its the media prank, a brain therapist
cantankerous slang and a strange narrative

idea pangea

starfish and a zebra
i'm hard to see brah
wild cosmia with the style of the idea pangea
it starts to shift
break into the sacred thought continental drift
i blaze a spliff incoherent
deconstructionist hippy extremist
occult trill militia ventriloquist genius
venus fly trap, the day of the triffids
little shop of horrors, twisted linguistics
i do this for the mystics
and the everlasting golden cord that connects us
the chain predicting the existence
of the nexus in your brain
going to another terrain
i come when she calls me

idea pangea