Tropical Fruit

by NOAH23

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Plague Language Digital presents Tropical Fruit. A lush and lavish 5 song excursion with Twiz Thrizzy, aka the Captain Clark, aka Noah23. With production from David Klopek, Fr<>ze, Toy Trains, PicturePlane and Ephelant to enchant you on your travels.


released February 10, 2013

Artwork by Toy Trains ( )
Mastered by Mr Soch ( )



all rights reserved




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Track Name: Lost Island/ Dead World { David Klopek }
yo i'm wilding, its the purple pie man
outta supplies like you crashed on an island
prehistoric cheap bone pricing
jurassic dna clone splicing
so enticing when i throw a lightning bolt
i get thowed and then i light the bowls up
the flight of souls from beyond the dead
the queen of hearts says off with your head
it all depends on the gnostic trends
thoughts that bend as i ascend with all my friends
dogs that fend the hip hop blend
i stay healthy and on the mend
defend the castle in any misfortune
spin the wheel your lover is watchin
technoshaman amputate the spirit
amplify when i create the lyrics you hate to hear it
cause it hurts so good
alphanumeric when i'm cyber surfin thru the hood
shoulda woulda coulda, puffin on the buddha
got me feelin lost like a boat in bermuda
notes that float like a tuba
drink a screw driver
float underwater like a scuba diver
suicide doors mentality is backwards
a vow of silence, this is my last words
catch phrase etched in stone
on a pilgrimage as i make my way home
say a poem in darkness with nobody around
lips move but they do not make a sound
a crown of thorns, capricorn born
torn out the ligament and take a new form
word is bond

mythological molecular structure buckling under the pressure
getting fucked up on the regular
out the crab nebula
stay high like a hat with a feather in it
netherworld emerald pearl
rubies saphire and i go haywire
chaos attractor a tractor tire
noah23 came out the dark black fire
shadowy penumbra at the edge of time
pixelate smokin on the endive lettuce with the joints that
ascend on assembly lines
a twist a lime try to find solace
godhead omlette
i met god once and i stole his wallet
throwing comets and meteorites
noah23 i'm fast like the speed of light is
check the science, plague language virus
starbeam as i drink on a cactus
fall through the bottomless pit i shit blackness
cesspool stay hungry as a hippo
throw up your zippo
alchemical alumni
spinal fluid
Track Name: Permanent Vacation { Fr<>ze }
permanent vacation
permanent vacation
i got a purple third eye and i'm takin
a permenet vacation

spiral like a seashell, virulent PL
pyromania, reason to rebel
a breeze blowing by under tall trees
swaying underneath of the palm leaves
starseed elohim andromeda
call of the drunken philsopher
positive vibes, irie hybernation
divide into two like bifurcation
the highest sensation penetrate heaven
analyze the spectrum change the momentum
bending the mental state transcendental
echo locate as i rap to the tempo
can it be so simple, overstand what peace is
feet in the sand on beatiful beaches
reach like prometheus, oh so obseqious
dry up your tears and all of your grievances

permanent vacation
permanent vacation
i got a purple third eye and i'm takin
a permenet vacation

plush and lavish steppin out the teleporter
across the boarder drinking a coconut water
go farther i'm throwed like a hail mary
i go the juice... frozen raspberry
so smoothe in the groove with the dude froze
rudeboy lookin good in my new clothes
true flows that i spew like a fountain
set the bird loose right over the blue mountain
whos counting crunching the number
keep it bumpin hustle with hunger
thundercloud smoking on a pipe
the ghost write flows like a poltergeist
on a solo flight riding on the wind
i shine bright blind like a gem
finding my zen point and i stay focused
in paradise til the plague of locusts
Track Name: Iguanas { Miles Farewell }
sunshine and dolphins, rainbows are pouring down
electric blue lightning bolt striking out a stormy cloud
powder foot, ray bricks, day shift, working hard
if i had a million dollars i would fucking burn it all
learning curve strike em out, learning curve ball
burnin herb since the first time i heard the call
kill em all, rising up like the temperature
first of all mercury is a heavenly messenger
aries holds the world in his palm like the emperor
carve a twenty three lazer beam in your retina
sigils an insignia hittin on that indica
purple purpendicular extra extra curricular
i stays active on point like when you ass is
at the point your about to sit down on a cactus
hack this cybernet, dense lush over growth
brain forest rain forest kush got me comatose

tropical fruit, pine nuts and koala bears
exotic leopards and iguanas got it all in here
another year rhyming circles round the blazing sun
amazing dun, yo my vision name is crazy tongue
and just one ink drop fucking weighs a tonne
i'm an old man but i aint even begun
stunt like the catch twenty two, i'm a caribou
repent the human form and just stare at you
character assassination never been an actor
church of the sub genius never been a slacker
the macintosh apple, agent oranges
i go in like swirling vortices
ya out the unknown origin of poetry
sickness spread despite the quaratine
i pull up in a wolverine airplane
tear open your brain just like that mane
Track Name: Tropical Fruit { Pictureplane }
they got no idea what i'm bout to do
living in this world aint nothing absolute
find me smokin on that tropical fruit
everyday you know its true

bonafied with the flow that i'm knocking i'm talking a whole lotta real shit
chakras are open the energys potent i'm floatin right up to the ceiling
puffin on a couple and i'm feeling really buzzed right now but you know that i gotta get you open
the angels from heaven are blessing the music, so wet, its soakin
na i'm not joking, the water is rising
a dream was born on the ocean sun died on the horizon
a festival of fetishes stay fly just like a pegasus
on that cosmogenesis electric with the sentences
pentagrams and weed grams
i'm wavy as a seaclam
this iphones a tin can
viewed through the 23 cam
fusion anomoly cruising and using the rythym and music in harmony
true to the form true to the abstract true to the game, got that anarchy
get into the center of the universe riding on a cyber wave
staying high surfing on the information highway
mama always told me lying was a bitter sin
and its cold like living in the winter wind
post modern dystopian citizen
painting a fucking picture of oblivion
in a manner and a fashion that is dapper duke
when i'm smoking on the sticky call it passion fruit
Track Name: Lord Ganesha { Ephelant }
drummers with hands ablaze we dumbing out in the place
roughing it in a phase, tumbling through a maze
humble and giving praise, getting up in your face
runnin just to escape babylon giving chase
mumble another phrase, puffin upon the haze
hustle in many ways motherfucker its not a craze
the hubble is up in space, culture is a disgrace
the number is 23 and i'm dungeonous with the bass
in the jungle without a trace, puzzle is put in place
bubbling til it breaks we smugglin in the crates
opening up the gates, smoking up all the grapes
feeling like i'm hovering up above, levitation
love against hate a giant has come awake
the summer is coming late, hunter hunting his prey
wondering of the date, fumbling for the fate
something thats in the way yo, nothing rather nathan

riding on an elephant i think i'm lord ganesha

astronomy is the guide, in harmony with the tide
the prodigy of the pride in father i will confide
calling out as i cried, hollowing out inside
haunting you like a bride, lobotomy then i died
quality of the rhyme, novelty of the time
caught up in quite a crime, bottle without a lime
psychologists see a sign, taught of only the mind
i'm not only divine, my biology is sublime
gotta just keep on trying, a star is getting its shine
as far as living i'm fine, i'm ducking and dodging swine
always be out for mine cant stop it and press rewind
astrology whats your sign, chopping down all the pines
drawing outside the lines goddess inside the shrine
far away you will find, all the people are kind
swallow a glass of wine, opening up the blinds
all of it intertwines then i stop on a dime

riding on an elephant i think i'm lord ganesha